Apr. 16, 2021

Food from the Garden

Food and the Body
    Did you know that foods God planted in the Garden of Eden resemble the body part that they nourish? Interesting enough this is true.
    Walnuts resemble the brain with the hemispheres and the wrinkles. And sure enough, eating walnuts is good for brain health.
    Olives assist with ovarian function, and an Italian study shows that increased olive intake lowers ovarian cancer risk.
    A cross section of a carrot resembles the human eye with the pupil and the iris. And sure enough carrots increase blood flow to the eyes, and improves vision significantly.
    When cut in half, tomatoes have four chambers, like the heart. They’re even red. They are full of lycopene and are shown to improve heart health.
    Grapes have a two-fold likeness. They grow in bunches that are shaped like the heart, and contain antioxidant polyphenols, that improve heart health. The red wine made from grapes is also good for heart health.
    Second, grapes resemble the lungs with branches and sacs (the actual grapes, which resemble our alveoli). Grape consumption has been known to prevent lung cancer and emphysema.
Kidney Beans
    Amazing! The water used to cook kidney beans has shown to be shown to dissolve kidney stones!
    Now what does celery resemble? Yes, bones! Celery is on the list of foods for osteoporosis reversal programs. It is loaded with manganese, magnesium, vitamins K, B2, B5, B9, and C, all needed for strong bones.
    Shaped like the female womb, this amazing food balances hormones, and prevents cervical cancer.
    This is one of my favorites. Figs grow hanging, in twos, and are filled with seeds. Guess what they help? You got it, they increase the mobility and number of sperm!
Sweet Potatoes
    Shaped like the pancreas, you guessed it, sweet potatoes balance the glycemic index in diabetes.
Oranges and Grapefruit
    The inside of citrus fruit has lobes and lobules just like breast tissue. Turns out citrus aids in breast health and assists the movement of lymph in and out of breast tissue.
    Peaches resemble gluteus maximus (aka buttocks). Turns out they are very helpful for preventing and relieving constipation.