Jul. 18, 2021


Small intestine bacteria overgrowth
SIBO is associated with so much more than “gut” issues like constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. If you experience any of these or the following symptoms listen up:
Ø Allergies
Ø Acne
Ø Psoriasis
Ø Low vitamin levels
Ø Brain fog
Ø Anxiety/depression
Ø Autoimmune disease/flares
Ø Blood sugar ups & downs
Ø Thyroid issues
Ø Hormone imbalance
Ø Weight issues /too much or too little
Ø Insomnia
What causes SIBO?
Ø STRESS/physical and or emotional
Ø Decreased stomach acid
Ø Gallbladder issues
Ø Not enough water
Ø High sugar intake
Ø Low fiber intake
Ø Poor sleep
Ø Too much or too little exercise
What’s the FIX?
Ø Dietary intake changes (refer to reference)
Ø Probiotics with each meal or snack
Ø Digestive enzymes with each meal or snack
Ø A daily prebiotic
Ø Apple Cider Vinegar/1-2 Tablespoons in 4-8 ounces of water with each meal or snack
Ø Adequate daily exercise and stretching but not overtraining
Ø Water to equal half your weight in ounces
For more information including in depth dietary information please read the following, to which I credit all of the above: